What Does Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Entail?

Oct 18, 2022 | Rug Cleaning Service

In 2021, it was reported that the global carpet cleaning industry was worth roughly $650.6 million. One big service within the carpet cleaning industry is oriental rug cleaning, but what does the oriental rug cleaning process involve?

Getting professional oriental rug cleaning is a great idea to bring your oriental rug back to life and get rid of any dirt. The problem is that many people don’t know what rug cleaning entails and so they may not get it done.

The process of cleaning oriental rugs is straightforward and there are just a few key steps that need to get followed. If you aren’t sure what steps need to get followed, then don’t worry.

At Clean Your Carpets, we have broken down all of the steps involved in professional rug cleaning. So if you would like to know the steps involved in oriental rug cleaning, then keep reading.


Oriental rugs aren’t like other types of rugs on the market. They are very delicate and they are made with high-quality materials.

The rug itself is made up of fragile natural fibers, dyes, and foundation materials that cannot get cleaned in the way that synthetic carpets get cleaned.

So one of the first steps in oriental rug cleaning is inspecting the rug to see how much cleaning the rug needs and for any previous damage.

This is so that the cleaners for oriental rugs can get a good idea of the kind of cleaning that is necessary. If any repairs need attention and the cleaning company offers repairs, then these will get done before the cleaning begins.

Dye Bleed Testing

The next step is to test the rug to see what kind of dyes and colors are needed. This is done because the rug may require some dyeing to ensure that it gets restored to its natural colors.

Again, not every professional rug cleaning service will offer this option; however, many services will.

This is an important step, as it can help the rug to get a lot of the care that it has needed over time and restore its coloring.

Rug Dusting

The next stage of cleaning is to dust the rugs. This involves dusting both the front and the back of the rugs.

This mustn’t get done in your home, as some of the dust and fibers can get picked up again by your oriental rug and cause damage.

When the rug gets dusted, any dust, coarseness, or other dirt will fall off the rug and get removed. This stage must get done properly so that the rest of the cleaning process is more effective.

Soaking and Handwashing

After both the front and the back of the rug have been dusted properly, then it’s time to begin the washing process. During this part of the process, a professional cleaner will begin to add cold water to both the front and the back of the rug.

This stage is very delicate and if it isn’t done properly, then the rug may become damaged. That’s why a trained professional must complete this stage.

When cleaning the rug, the professional cleaner will add the water by hand to ensure that it gets cleaned properly.

Along with the cold water, some special rug shampoo will get added to the cleaning solution to ensure the carpet gets a deep clean.

The cleaners will wash every area of the oriental rug, carefully ensuring that there are no areas missed.


Whenever the rug has been thoroughly cleaned, then it is time for the rug to get rinsed. This is another important part of the process as it helps to remove any water, moisture, and dirt that has been collected.

The rug will be carefully squeezed so that the remaining water and shampoo wash away.

Again, this gets done to both the front and the back of the rug, and rinsing may take place multiple times to ensure it’s done properly.


One of the final parts of the process is the drying phase. The drying is normally done by an extraction vacuum and it is used to remove any remaining water or moisture.

If this isn’t done properly, then it can lead to dripping and the rug may not dry correctly.

Once the extraction vacuum has been used, the rug will get hung in a temperature-controlled room with filtered air-drying conditions.


The final part of the cleaning process is to inspect the rug after all of these stages have been completed. This gets done to make sure there is no damage to the rug and that the fringes and finishing look right.

If there is ever an issue during the inspection, then the professional cleaner will go back and repeat the steps that need to be redone.

However, in the vast majority of cases, the rug will be extremely clean and it will look just as good as new and ready for your use.

Use Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning in Rochester, NY

Taking the time to get the right oriental rug cleaning service is important. Particularly if you have a lot of expensive rugs that require delicate cleaning.

You should always do your research when choosing a carpet cleaner. While we don’t recommend all carpet cleaning services, we can recommend our services at Clean Your Carpets.

We use the most effective professional carpet cleaning system to ensure that your oriental carpets get cleaned to a high standard.

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