About Hot Water Extraction Capet Cleaning

For the best carpet cleaning, we use a low-pressure and hot water extraction system.  Here are a few reasons why it’s such a great cleaning system:
  • Fast drying: No high pressure to flush the dirt into the carpet.
  • Deep cleaning: Removes huge amounts of dirt & soil.
  • Removes: many pollutants, pollens, smoke, and other contaminants.

What is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

  • Low-Pressure Hot Water extraction carpet cleaning shoots small amounts of hot cleaning solution deep into the carpet.
  • The cleaning solution, along with the dirt and pollutants, is immediately extracted out of your carpets and dumped into the recovery tank to remove them from your home.
  • Most carpets will dry in hours, not days.

Don’t get soaked by another carpet cleaner!

Low-Pressure Hot Water extraction carpet cleaning is a great way to have your carpets deep cleaned without getting soaked. Many cleaners will shoot huge amounts of water into your carpet, driving the dirt to the bottom of the carpet, wetting the backing and maybe even the pad. This can cause your carpets to take days to dry and things may even end up growing in your carpet, things that are not welcome!

  • Try washing your hands without agitation.
  • Low Pressure Hot Water extraction provides a gentle agitation for a true deep cleaning.
  • Use a system that is guaranteed safe for your carpets.
  • Low Pressure Hot Water Extraction is safe to use on cut pile carpet, berber carpet and area rugs.

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