Can I clean my own carpets?

It seems like this would be the most economical approach but consider this first:

  1. Do you have the correct professional equipment? It’s extremely hard to locate the correct rental carpet cleaning equipment that’s right for your particular job. And if you do find it, is the time and rental cost comparable to having a professional do it for you?
  2. Do you really want to trust rental equipment? Did you know that most aren’t service and placed right back into service to recirculate dirt back into your rugs?
  3. Are you aware of the different types of staining, fabric differences and which type of cleanser to use?

How much time is needed to clean my carpet?

In most cases, it may take thirty minutes per room. However this purely depends on conditions at the time of service such as:

  1. How dirty the floor/carpet is when we arrive.
  2. Will spot removal be needed? If so, that may alter the time required.

Should I just replace my old carpet instead?

Let us give you a free inspection of the carpet first. Sometimes a carpet that looks bad enough to replace may be the case however it also depends on the wear of the materials within the carpet itself. We may be able to save you hundreds of dollars!

Should I use carpet and upholstery protection products?

Yes, absolutely. They are proven to increase durability and give you years of added use.

How frequently should carpets be cleaned?

There is no exact answer but as a general rule, every twelve months is common. With normal use, your carpet will accumulate dirt, allergens and even bacteria. If your not sure how often, check with us. We can evaluate and offer you a schedule based on your household use.