How To Choose a Carpet Cleaner

When you’ve been cleaning carpets in Rochester, NY for over 40 years like we have, you will hear all kinds of cleaning stories from customers – the good and…well, mostly bad, unfortunately.

We would like to help you make a well-informed decision so we boiled down those stories into a sort of “checklist” for you:

There are carpet cleaners out there that do not have liability insurance.

What happens when you hire them and the job goes south and they don’t have any insurance to cover and protect you?

There are carpet cleaners out there that do not have Worker’s Comp Insurance.

What happens when you hire them and someone gets injured on your property and they don’t have any insurance to cover and protect you? Who do you think will get sued? You could be sued for tens of thousands of dollars.

There are carpet cleaners out there that only pay their workers minimum wage.

Do you think this kind of generally very temporary worker is really going to care about you and will do great work on your precious belongings? These kinds of workers generally only last days, weeks or if they are desperate maybe months.

There are carpet cleaners out there that do not properly train their workers.

Some companies training programs consist of one day on the truck watching and the next day cleaning in someone’s home. This is your typical minimum wage worker scenario.

There are carpet cleaners out there that advertise crazy cheap prices.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is NOT true. These kind of companies invite bait & switch tactics to be used. This can quickly become a very high pressure sales situation.

These kind of companies DEMAND their trucks clean 10-12 houses per day. If they don’t bring enough dollars they are only paid minimum wage. That’s why they will do anything and everything to GET THE SALE. They just race through the job to get it done as FAST as possible. They can leave the carpet wet and not very clean at all.

We have been called many times to go in right after this kind of horrible cleaning to do the job the right way. The homeowner is generally surprised that we take time to do the job correctly and are amazed at the results. They tell us that they wished that they had called us first instead of only looking for the cheapest price. Quality is cheaper in the long run. Cheap is expensive in the long run.

At a local supplier I have overheard workers from these local companies BRAG about how they got someone to pay crazy expensive prices by simply conning the trusting homeowner. They say it is EASY, they just lie, lie, lie. Sadly many people are gullible. Is this the kind of worker you want to hire to do your cleaning?

  • We have been in business for over 39 years as of the date of this post.
  • We have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have an excellent Liability Insurance policy with the National Grange.
  • Worker’s Comp Insurance is on every one of our workers through our company payroll.
  • Every member of our Service Team is trained through the IICRC in multiple areas of expertise.
  • I am the ONLY IICRC Master Cleaning Technician and Master Water Restorer between Buffalo and Syracuse NY.

Who can you trust?

Can you trust the untrained, underpaid, overworked, highly commissioned, uninsured workers who doesn’t care about you?

Wouldn’t you rather have highly skilled, fully trained, fully insured workers that care about you that you can trust in your home? They will do the job right the first time.

Remember that quality is cheaper in the long run.