10 Benefits of Hiring a Rug Cleaning Service for Homeowners

Aug 18, 2022 | Rug Cleaning Service

If you are trying to keep your rugs clean on a regular basis, a professional can help. Here are benefits of hiring a rug cleaning service for homeowners.

The rug you walk on in your home daily is dirtier than a city street. Because it holds onto so much dirt, germs, and grime, you must be extra vigilant in keeping it clean.

Having your rugs professionally cleaned means your carpets will look great while keeping your family safe. Professionals can handle anything from delicate Oriental rug cleaning to the rugs you walk on every day.

We cover the top ten reasons you should choose professionals next time your rugs need cleaning.

1. Professional Treatments

When you hire a professional rug cleaning service, you can expect them to use a variety of treatments to clean your rug. These rug cleaning treatments may include vacuuming, shampooing, steam cleaning, and more.

Vacuuming is the most common treatment used to clean rugs and one that many homeowners do. This method removes dirt, dust, and other debris from the carpet. While this is a great first step, household vacuums won’t provide a deep clean.

A professional will use higher-quality equipment to clean your rugs. For example, they may steam clean your carpets and treat difficult stains. The machines they use are powerful and use better quality cleaning solutions.

Even the machines you rent won’t do as good a job cleaning as a professional can. Deep cleaning your rugs needs more powerful solutions than what you can buy in a store.

2. Knowledge of Different Types of Rugs

You have to use different methods to clean different types of rugs. A professional will have the knowledge and equipment to clean any kind of rug the right way.

For example, Oriental rugs are delicate and need special care. They are often made of natural fibers like wool or silk, which you can damage by using harsh chemicals. Professionals will use gentle cleaners and hand-washing techniques to clean this type of rug.

Pile rugs, like Berber or shag, can be challenging to clean because of their deep pile. A professional will use special shampoos and vacuums to clean these rugs. They can clean deep into the rug without damaging the fibers.

Professional cleaners also know that scrubbing Berber carpets will create fuzzy carpet spots. These carpets have large loops that need blotting instead of a scrub for stains.

Wool rugs are another popular and expensive rug choice. Using the wrong product type on a wool rug can stain the fibers beyond repair. For example, ammonia and high-alkaline cleaners will ruin the natural fibers of wool.

No matter what type of rug you have, a professional rug cleaning service will be able to clean it the right way. This will keep the carpet looking great and extend its life.

3. Stain Removal Knowledge

Removing rug stains is tricky because of the variety of what you can spill on them. Anything from coffee to pet stains to tough stains like makeup can get on a rug.

Professional rug cleaning services will have methods for cleaning many types of stains. Many rug cleaning services have special rug cleaning supplies and treatments for the specific types of stains you may have.

It is always best to consult with a professional before attempting to clean a rug yourself. They will be able to identify the stain and choose the best cleaning solution to remove it.

4. Quick Results

Hiring a professional cleaning service gets your carpets clean in no time. If you try to deep clean your rugs on your own, you’ll spend hours on the process. Moving the furniture alone can be a cumbersome and challenging task.

You won’t have to do any heavy lifting when hiring a carpet cleaning company. They take care of the entire process. Their knowledge and skill mean they will finish cleaning your carpets before you know it.

Professional services will also use processes that use less water. Your carpets will dry faster than if you use a carpet cleaning machine yourself.

5. Improves the Health of a Family

People spend a lot of time living in carpeted areas. Bacteria, dust, and allergens can accumulate, making you or your family sick. Cleaning your carpets professionally can remove these particles. This will keep your family healthy and breathing easy.

Having a clean carpet is especially important for people with breathing issues. Particles, including germs and bacteria, can get trapped in a rug and make you sick.

The dirt and dust that build up in a rug can make their way into the air. When a professional cleans your carpets, they will remove the allergens and germs that can get you ill.

While vacuuming is a quick fix, it won’t clean deep into the rug fibers. A professional has the skills and tools to eliminate the impurities that cause health issues.

6. Removes Tough Carpet Odors

Spills are common on carpets that get a lot of use. If you don’t thoroughly clean up, your carpet can start to smell.

One common cause of smelly carpets is mold. If you have a rug that has developed mold, it can turn into a severe problem. Many carpets spills can become mold that will eventually need professional removal.

The odor from a spill can permeate through a room if you don’t take care of it. The liquid can sometimes seep deep into the carpet, making it difficult to get rid of completely. Professionals know how to remove a variety of different stains and with them their smells.

7. Easy Rug Maintenance

You’ll find it easier to maintain your carpets when you have them cleaned by a professional. Regularly scheduling carpet cleaning means the deep clean gets taken care of for you. All you’ll need to do is keep up with the vacuuming and spot cleaning to keep your carpets looking fresh.

8. Professional Equipment

While some rug cleaning companies use large machines, others rely on a few small tools to get the job done. All companies will use a professional-grade vacuum. A high-quality vacuum will use a HEPA system to remove almost 100% of pet hair, pollen, and dust.

Professionals will also use a carpet cleaner. These work to loosen and remove deeply set-in dirt, stains, and bacteria.

Another popular tool is the handheld steamer. This is great for spot cleaning and for getting into hard-to-reach areas.

Professionals like the ones at Clean Your Carpets use a low-pressure hot water extraction method. This process deep cleans your rugs using much less water than traditional methods. This means you get clean carpets with speedy drying times.

Many rugs need distinct types of equipment based on the rug’s makeup, age, and soil level. Knowing exactly which equipment to use and trying to find it can be a challenging task. A professional takes the guess work out of this process and can do this work for you.

9. Helps Prolong a Carpets Life

A carpet isn’t a cheap investment. It’s something that many people see each day and spend a lot of money on.

When dirt gets trapped in a rug for a long time, it can wear away at the rug fibers and make your carpet look dull. You’ll notice worn down or dull patches on high-traffic areas that don’t get a deep clean.

Professional carpet cleans remove dust mites, bacteria, and dust from a rug. They can also remove stains and smells. You’ll want to keep a fresh and clean carpet around longer than a dirty one.

10. Saves You Money

When you invest in a rug, you expect it to last for many years. Accidents happen, mainly if you use your carpet every day.

If you’ve had a spill, you may try to clean it yourself. You can damage your rug beyond repair if you don’t know how to clean a spill or stain properly.

When carpet cleaning yourself, you can overestimate how much water to use. Too much water is a recipe for soggy carpets that can mold. You may need to replace a moldy carpet if the mold and mildew are too excessive.

If your rugs look dirty, you may be thinking about replacing them. A professional clean can restore your carpets to their former pristine state. They’ll look and smell brand new.

Professionals Can Handle Everything From Oriental Rug Cleaning to an Area Rug Cleaning

If you want your home to look its best, a professional cleaning service can get you there. They have the skill and tools for the most fragile Oriental rug cleaning to the area rugs you walk on daily.

If you’re ready for cleaner carpets, Clean Your Carpets is here to help. Our company has been helping people in the Rochester, NY area clean their carpets and Oriental rugs since 1977. Contact us today to get the process started.

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